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Marietta Similides - WF - 0147

My official documents read that I am certified as fitness trainer and specialist in fitness nutrition.

Please allow me to introduce myself using my own words instead. I am a coach, a motivator and a habit based lifestyle consultant. I specialize in fat loss and weight maintenance. My privilege is to help people lose fat, get strong and stay fit, just like the ones in the photos below. Scroll down and check them out.

As coach I understand human behaviors and motivators. I know the science behind physical training for specific goals but also know the reasons behind stress and emotional eating. I support, motivate and take people to their desired destination.

My approach is habit based coaching and sustainability of choices. I believe the name of the key that will unlock everything you want to achieve is consistency.

I can help you get to your best shape whether you’ve just had your new baby and want to get rid of that extra weight, gain more muscle or just simply want to feel confident about your body at the beach this summer.

Unless your mindset is always focused, you will most probably have some ups and downs along the way. I can still influence and motivate you to get your mindset back in the game with my daily messages, blogs and social media posts. Make sure we stay connected via either of these platforms. For my blog just subscribe with your email and you will receive great tips about the right mindset, training, recovery and nutrition.



My method is a tailored exercise and nutrition plan which consists of a detailed, daily meals and training programme. This is not a diet and it does not restrict any of the major macronutrients, unlike many known fad diets you may have tried in the past. You will not feel hungry or weak.

I will calculate your daily caloric intake needs and then split that into ratios for protein, carbohydrates and fats depending on what is your goal. This will ensure that you get the best fuel mix of nutrients, which will result in shredding body fat, increase your muscle mass and greater energy levels for your daily activities.

This plan will be tailored to help you to hit your target in a healthy way and you will benefit of long lasting results. The nutritional meal plan will be combined with a training programme specifically designed for your goal and current lifestyle and will radically increase the effectiveness of your fitness training objectives.

Before I make any suggestions or changes to your current nutrition and exercise routine, we will sit together and discuss what are your current lifestyle habits, what you like and dislike and will then use this information to prepare the best and most appropriate approach to achieve your goal.


If you are already working out but when you look in the mirror you see that you don’t seem to get the wanted results, you may need to make some adjustments to your nutritional habits. Training alone is only half of the story. Poor nutrition is one of the most common factors holding people back from reaching the best version of their bodies, even if they work out regularly. I can help you adjust your current diet to one that will give you the results you wish to see.


This is Giovanni and I know there is no need for any comments, because the images speak a thousand words. Some of these words are WILL POWER, DEDICATION, FOCUS AND CONSISTENCY and all of them are his attributes.

We started the transformation programme in February 2016.

Today, four months later he weights 85 kg, which is 32 kg lighter than before. His overall body fat is now 17,7% from  34,9 %. I really truly am super proud of him, as I have rarely seen people with the amount of will power that he possess.



” Marietta I could not have done this without your help. You are my guiding spirit. Everyone is shocked with my progress and sometimes when I look at these pictures I cannot even believe it myself. Your attitude and positive influence through continuous support and proper training, changed everything for me. Thanks to you my whole life has changed. I have become more confident, happy, healthy and energetic.”

Giovanni 32


This is my friend Nicos. He was committed to losing weight and getting into shape and he followed my 12 weeks transformation programme.


Here are his comments:

” I have tried so many diets too many times in combination with vigorous exercise but failed each time! With the proper nutrition strategy, guidance and inspiration from my coach I have successfully transformed my body in only 12 weeks !I will let the images to tell you the story.The picture on the left was taken in March and the one on the right at the end of May. There is more to come !”

Nicos 36



stavri bstavri a

“Marietta has reignited the love I used to have for exercise and I am amazed on how quickly I am seeing results. Thanks Marietta!!”

Stavri 42




” … one year later and this is what happens when you have a fitness nutritionist in the family…”

Paula 35


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