3rd April 2017




Hi there, good morning!

Hope you had a great weekend!

If you are on a holiday hope you have a great time and enjoy it to the max ( I know that some of you are :))

I had a bit of sunshine last week myself.  I was right here.



Awesome isn’t it? It was A M A Z I N G ! exactly what I needed. Felling great and energised after 5 days there.

It was a 4,5 hours flight to Cyprus, and had a few thoughts. One of them was about our feelings.

People have this idea that if they have negative feelings about something or someone, it is a bad thing and it is not a healthy feeling.

Does this ring the bell ? ” oh.. I should not feel this way this is not a good feeling”


Feelings being them negative or positive is what drives your “train” every day.

And guess what? We are all human and sometimes allowing yourself to feel pissed off and embrace that feeling may be the best thing to do for you.

Even if it is not in your nature to feel like that, allowing yourself to feel angry or upset is healthier.

The only unhealthy feeling is constant anger, walking  around every day with a black cloud on top of your head, blaming everything and everyone for your problems.

When you are ignoring or denying, you are suppressing and that is the kind of anger that makes you feel stuck.

Healthy anger is when you feel that you want to take action.


HEY, HOLD ON! Please don’t go to beat up your neighbour. I mean no violence of any kind!

What I mean is, for example when you feel upset go tell that someone, you know what? That is not cool! You crossed my boundaries …bla bla bluAs simple as that.

You will instantly release the negative emotion, feel better and probably they will eventually thank you for it.


Emotions are there to guide us. It does not mean that we are bad people, if we feel negative emotions sometimes.

Has it ever happened to you to see someone for the first time and just have the creepiest feeling about them without even knowing their name? But later of course you said, oh it’s okay I should not be so judgemental or negative. A few weeks later, you wish you didn’t because that person proved to be exactly as you initially thought.

That is your gut feeling and yes, one that drives your actions in life. Did you know that there is a physiological and scientific explanation for that gut feeling?

We have a nerve called the vagus nerve. This nerve is part of our unconscious nervous systems and therefore commands your body to involuntary actions.

It crosses our ears, eyes heart and abdominal area. When something is wrong you will feel it in your body before you can rationalise it.

This can also happens when people or situations may cross your boundaries. That is when you should probably look into it and take some action. For you, of course.

The same goes with positive feelings. If for example you feel love for someone, go tell them, no need to suppress :)

As always, thank you for reading my thoughts.

Have  a wonderful day


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