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Grab and go !

11th June 2014

Who doesn’t love smoothies?     I think everybody loves them!  Whether you are 5 or 60 years old, it doesn’t matter, you will favour one anytime!

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Marietta Similides - WHAT HAVE U DONE FOR UR HEART

10 Reasons why diets don’t do it

7th June 2014

DIETS AND THE REASONS THEY JUST DON’T REALLY WORK   You only have one month left before your wedding and you can’t fit into that wedding dress. You

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Marietta Similides - WHAT HAVE U DONE 2

What have you done for your heart lately ?

7th June 2014

THE HEART              THE EXERCISE                               THE OXYGEN Exercise, acts as the most preventive medicine available. It

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The truth about cellulite

7th June 2014

HELP, I HAVE CELLULITE!! Summer is here but you don’t feel too confident to take your body to the beach. At least not yet, not until you find a way to get rid

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Marietta Similides

The Myths vs theTruths of Fitness

7th June 2014

THE TRUTH ABOUT EXERCISE AND WEIGHT CONTROL When you open a magazine or website, your interest may be drawn to those articles about nutrition, exercise and supplementation,

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What’s in your food?

7th June 2014

DO YOU CHECK OUT THE LABELS?   There was a time when you had the possibility to consume fruits and veggies out of the garden without worrying about a thing,

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