20th March 2017
Good morning, hope your day turns out to be a great one!
A question that came to my mind a few times these days was why do people want to know about good food and nutrition habits?
GOOD NUTRITION means more than weight loss or gain.
It is about improved performance, improved health and of course, body composition.
Besides supporting energy balance (check my previous blog to learn more about this) and achieving optimal fat-muscle ratios, good nutrition means tailoring this to you and choosing the foods that work with you rather than what is ‘good’ or ‘correct.’
Nutrient density refers to those foods that are packed with essential nutrients like protein, fats and unprocessed carbohydrates, and these are the foods that will keep you fuller for longer and will not play too much with your blood sugar levels.
For instance, people run away from fats or full fat natural products because they either think are unhealthy or have too many calories.
Good fats such as those found in avocado, full fat yoghurt, eggs, natural fresh cheese and salmon, are the best for you.
I eat avocado every single day for breakfast, with my scrambled eggs and mozzarella. It keeps me full for many hours and my body absolutely loves it.
These foods may be rich in calories and smaller in quantity but you will not eat so often. Because there is no need to. Your body gets a good number of essential nutrients and stays satisfied.
The villains are really the processed sugars and alcohol, which provide you empty calories, no nutrients whatsoever and raise your blood sugars sky high. This in turn will encourage fat accumulation, resistance to insulin and many other health complications.
So while trying to improve your nutrition habits make sure you run away from the right enemies and go for those foods that your body seems to like more rather than what is good or correct, like I said before. You will feel better, more energised and perform better throughout the day.
Finally, a quick point with regards to food intolerance. If you notice that after eating milk/ dairy or grains you feel a bit bloated or some discomfort, you may have intolerance to gluten or lactose.
Notice how your body reacts to the foods you eat. This is its own way to speak to you.
There is no point of eating foods rich in nutrients if your body cannot assimilate these to your cells. Proper digestion and gut health is very important even before you consider any nutritional changes.
My take home and key point to you is, whatever you chose to do, make sure you can sustain it and be consistent with day in and day out because consistency over time is what will give you long lasting results. Before you can sustain it, you need to identify and describe what your body is telling you as a response to your choices. Only then you can make it sustainable.
If you can’t keep up with your choices,  you might as well forget it. It is most probably not for you.
As alwyas, I wish you a wonderful day and I thank you for being part of my gang!

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