6th March 2017
Hey there, good morning!
Hey there, good morning!
Hope you had a great weekend.
A question for you. Would you agree that people have many dilemmas about food?
They want to know about what is healthy or not, how much to eat, when, how and why?
There seems to be a lot of confusion around that.
Do you have the same questions? That is ok, you are not alone.
Before we go there, let’s just go back to the very basics.
Why do we eat? We eat because we are hungry, right? Of course. Hunger is a basic instinct, just like when we are thirsty, sleepy or cold. When we feel cold we reach for something to cover up, we don’t need to keep track of the temperature outside ourselves, because the body does that for us. Same goes for huger. We should let our body keep track and eat when we are notified. I know …easier said than done.
My big question. Do we really eat only when we are hungry? Or maybe we just eat on the clock? Many of us eat out of stress, right? I am talking from experience always (my own, just to clarify).
Someone asked me once, so how can I know or distinguish  between the real and the fake huger?
There is a way to understand when you are eating to feed your body and when you are eating for other reasons. All you need to do, is pay attention to your own body and actions.
When you are physically hungry it starts with a small feeling of hunger which will slowly intensify. It gives you time to search for food, “hunt it”. You don’t need to keep track of the meal times, your body does it does it for you. It gives you a warning.
Emotional eating does not give you any warning. You suddenly crave to eat something. Maybe some left over birthday cake or a candy bar or just anything edible you can lay your eyes on. Sounds familiar? No warning with emotional eating.
If you find yourself reaching for food too often or snacking for no reason, try to pay attention to what is happening in your life at that time. Is it a stressful period at work? Are you breaking up or going through an emotional roller-coaster? Are you about to take big decisions that will affect the rest of your life? Or maybe you are stuck where you don’t really want to be? This is mind hunger calling. But it is not calling for food or drinks. Is calling for action.
We have the best survival and navigation mechanisms. When did we stop listening to them ?
Why would you believe your wrist watch showing 74 heart beats per minute, when your body really knows that in fact you are running and your actual heart rate is 145 BPM. You can feel it, you don’t need confirmation.
Why should you eat on the clock 5 meals a day or just because is lunch time, when your body does not really need it?
Ignoring these basic signs and replacing them with what we think is good or right, may not be a wise idea to do in the long run. There are systems and forces greater than our conscious mind alone. We need to work with them. These are in place for a reason.
Always trust all your natural instincts. 
WATCH OUT FOR MY NEXT BLOG on how eating without being hungry plays a big role in the relationship between your energy in and energy out.
As always, I want to thank you for your time, hope you enjoyed this read.
Have a beautiful day

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