26th September 2016



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  • Bella Sovmiz
    7th August 2014

    Marietta is a true inspiration. From her courage in making life decisions that very few could match, her dedication to well being and fitness to her ever sunny personality. She knows how to push you without intimidation, to gently encourage you without allowing you to slack. She is one to watch out for!


  • Karima Ben Otman
    7th August 2014

    Marietta… You really have had a very positive influence on me and my outlook on fitness. Training with you has been both pleasurable and inspiring… Your motivation skills, training diversity and sheer positivity have gotten me hooked for good!!!
    I can honestly say “A life changing experience”!


    13th September 2014

    Marietta’s passion and dedication to exercise and clean eating are totally infectious. She is so kind and easy to work with and has given me a lot of great advice and motivation along the way. She has reignited the love I used to have for exercise and I am amazed on how quickly I am seeing results. Thanks Marietta!!


    • Marietta
      23rd September 2014

      It is a pleasure to be surrounded and work with beautiful people like you, who are so determined and dedicated to their goals. Watching your progress and seeing how you get stronger and stronger each time, makes me really proud of you and it is a great reward to me. This gives me an internal buzz, this makes me feel happy ! Thank you Stavri for these feelings !!


    18th October 2014

    Marietta has changed everything I once knew about proper eating and workouts. You read so many things about what and when you should eat a certain nutrient, but the more you read the more confused you get. She certainly cleared that out for me, Marietta clearly knows her stuff! I have tried so many diets too many times, in combination with vigorous exercise but have failed each time. With the proper nutrition and workout strategy, guidance and motivation from Marietta, I have finally succeeded to transform my body and re-gained my self esteem, and all in only 12 weeks! She is not only a fitness coach but a mentor as well. Thank you very much Marietta!!! Anyone that has a chance to work with you, will be very lucky!


    8th March 2015

    I have been working with Marietta for 7 months and have seen amazing results. I have never felt stonger and healthier. She is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy that she brings to every session. Her easy going, friendly personality creates a great atmosphere. She makes each workout, challenging and most important fun! She also places a great value on the correct form of each exercise. She motivated me to push my limits to get results. I have gained incredible energy, my flexibility and balance have improved and I have got great new muscles. I love to look in the mirror and see the changes. If you are serious about changing your life for better, Marietta will lead you every step of the way! Highly recommend her!


  • Christina Economou
    13th March 2015

    Marietta has been not only my personal trainer but also my inspiration, my driving force, my motivator. Training with her was pleasant and enjoyable. She knew how to boost my self esteem which was lost after gaining 17kg during my pregnancy and she helped me lose them without me realising. During these months i found out how to love my body and myself. I do carry her words of wisdom when sometimes i was feeling stressed for various matters. She always have her positive thoughts on life which gave me a lot of courrage but also a positive angle to view life. That has helped me a lot. For me her story was my inspiration to overcome my “difficulties” in life. Marietta definitely i will miss you girl. Thank you for everything. Xx


  • Michelina Potamitou
    20th March 2015

    It is really difficult for me, as it is for every person who is blessed and lucky enough to have met Marietta,to be able to describe such a larger-than-life and flamboyant personality in such little words!Passionate and determined as she is, she manages to instil her willpower and dedication to fitness to her friends and working partners. Marietta is unique, not only as a personal trainer and coach but as a friend, above all.A person that is willing to listen to your problems and help you with their resolution…and as being a teacher myself,I certainly appreciate the importance of this charisma.She is the reason that I enjoy visiting the gym every time, despite the tiredness! Good luck…you deserve the best!XXX


  • Tereza Pieri
    20th March 2015

    I have started personal training with Marietta, approximately 6 months ago. I never liked to work out, didn’t really enjoyed it. As I have told her at our first meeting, the only reason I decided to do this step, was towards an attempt to improve my health and my aesthetic image. Today, 6 months after, I feel like I am a whole new person. Marietta made me fall in love with exercise and working out regularly. I feel that I need it, can’t be without it in my life. She is an exceptional professional and has her own way to make you love what she does. She is always full of energy and has a positive mind. When you train with her, she kills your body and she lifts your mood sky high. Marietta pays particular attention to the mechanics and correct execution of each exercise. She will never let you do it wrong; she will spend as much time needed to demonstrate and explain until you get it right. As a result, I can see significant changes to my own body. My back and knees pain are gone, my posture has significantly improved and feel that my whole body is changing. I now feel confident, stronger and I have lot more endurance than I used to have before I have started to train with her. Thank you very much Marietta! Now that you will be relocating, I hope that I can find another personal trainer to do at least half of the things you do for me now.


  • Elli Papaloucas
    22nd March 2015

    I met Marietta 6 months ago, or so, when I was at an all time low in terms of physical condition (and appearance!). I had not worked out for years and I felt it was really hard to get back on track. Marietta came to me highly recommended form a friend and I must say she exceeded my expectations. So much so that I would recommend her to anyone unreservedly. She is obviously a very driven and positive person, passionate about what she does, very pleasant to work with and an absolute joy to be around. I feel very fortunate to have met her because she has taught me that no matter how little my endeavors might have seemed, they were still making an impact. It’s easy to get disheartened when you are overweight and even the easiest of exercises look like a struggle. With her help and encouragement I managed to overcome this hurdle and now I am feeling a lot more confident about my self.
    Thank you Marietta for being there for me, always on time even if I was not, always with a smile even if I was feeling low and always a professional, making sure that I was exercising safely and making a continuous improvement. You will be sorely missed, but I wish you every success – as I am sure you’ll have – in your new career!


    24th March 2015

    I have always been training on my own, but my experience with Marietta opened my view to a different way of training. She helped me understand the importance of a proper workout in combination with good nutritional choices. I have started to workout with her after a serious foot injury and surgery I have suffered due to an accident with my bike. Marietta has helped me a great deal throughout the process of recovery. She has carefully taylored my workouts, motivated me and helped me to get back in shape. My physique and performance have significantly improved. Before you can understand how amazing, inspiring and positive she is, you need to experience it yourself. She is an exceptional fitness coach and a beautiful person! Thank you for everything Marietta!


  • Daniela
    24th November 2015

    I am having workouts with my favourite PT Mari! She pushes me so hard, I have lost 3 kilos doing my sessions with her only once a week… I would recommend anyone to Mari as she knows how to look after you and she helps you with your diet also. Her sessions are full of motivation and effective exercises. If you want to make a difference, get a workout to impress and to have results, she is what you are looking for!


  • Leonard Vinville
    24th November 2015

    There is always at least one good reason to get a personal trainer during your workout. Myself is to be fit while improving my tennis footwork. It is essential to work not only on your legs but also on your core. You need an outstanding personal trainer to tell you exactly what to do and above all to correct your mistake so that you get the best results in a reasonable timeframe. Do not look further; take Marietta!


  • Alex
    29th November 2015

    I have had the pleasure of working with Marietta for a couple of months now. I was always quite sceptical about personal training sessions, having had a few bad experiences in the past. After checking out the website, I decided to try a few sessions with Marietta and since then I have not looked back.

    Marietta is very passionate about what she does and will adapt her sessions so you get the most from them. I travel frequently and Marietta has tailored my sessions so I can do the exercises with minimal need for special equipment. She has also recorded me performing each exercise so I have no excuse for not doing them! Her personal training sessions are worth every penny. I enjoy them so much that I have scheduled a few of my work trips around them:-)


  • Lindsay
    5th December 2015

    Marietta has a very professional approach, with wide understanding of latest techniques and research, which is tailored to meet your personal requirements. She really does add value !


  • Nicky
    9th December 2015

    I’ve been having PT sessions with Marietta for a couple of months now and I love it. It’s given me renewed focus and discipline in my workouts. She pushes me hard, but always with a smile on her face and we do find time to laugh too. If you’re looking for inspiration in the gym then she’s your girl.


  • Will
    30th March 2016

    I had participated in some of Marietta’s classes and thoroughly enjoyed and felt challenged. I had never considered PT before because I thought I knew it all already. I’m training for a big football match and decided to book in some sessions. After only a few sessions and a couple of weeks I can already tell the difference. My power and stamina have increased considerably and the guys I train with have even mentioned it. Am loving each session it’s very fun and interactive. Am sure with Mariettas help I’ll reach my goal !!


  • Shiv
    26th August 2016

    When I first started the Walbrook health club in London, I started going to Marrietta’s classes. She was extremely popular and could see why… They were on a Tuesday & Wednesday 7am on cold winter days. They were extremely busy, she is an excellent instructor. Showed great technique and motivation and corrected people. When she stopped the classes I then approached her on PT sessions which I am now enjoying. She is excellent at pushing me, given me ideas on clean eating and thoughtful on the sessions. Her energy is contagious and I want to thank her for all the help she is giving me.


  • Giovanni
    29th August 2016

    The only thing that I can say is that Marietta changed my life.
    I was extremely overweight, she managed to help me transform in 6 months into a different person, from 37% of fat mass to 12.8%. I feel like a whole new me.

    When you lose a great deal of weight like I did in a short period of time, your skin tends to loosen up. I was worried with this thought. With her suggestions towards the right nutrition choices and exercise, she has helped me overcome that fear and I am now very happy to be in great condition and to also see my skin adapting very well to this change.

    She is a great person, very professional and dedicated to her job. Definitely the personal trainer you are looking for if you want change your life!


  • Richard
    3rd October 2016

    Just fantastic. Marietta is a great personal trainer, she has that skill of knowing how to get me to push myself that bit harder but also knows when to take the pressure off a bit and flex the session because I’ve had a sleepless night with my twin daughters. I’m stronger, fitter and leaner and I am looking forward to being motivated to better things during the winter.


  • Hannah
    26th October 2016

    Marietta’s enthusiasm and varied approach means I always look forward to training with her – she is an inspiration! Marietta has taught me how to get the most out of the time I have available and I have certainly achieved more in far less time with her help. Her approach to nutrition is realistic and sustainable which means you want to stick with the approach and continue to see results.


  • Karen
    5th April 2017

    Been working with M for a couple of months and halfway to goal. Great TRX session today! Loved it – feeling it same day! Awesome.


  • Shivani P
    5th April 2017

    Marietta has been brilliant in helping me with both training in particular with my arthritis and strengthening when I felt I would have to give up the gym.

    She also has helped me in my diet with combination of training and I can see a major difference in me. Very pleased.


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