in the words of her friends

“Having Marietta as a friend has improved my health, my eating habits and my work out routine. This comes naturally by hanging out with her. She has a magical way to make you want to become better.”

Marilena Georgiou, 26


“Marietta is one of those people that you just need to have in your life. If you are in doubt or you need great advice about anything that has to do with life, she is the one who can give it to you! She is always positive and she passes this energy to those around her.”

Irina Gavrilescu, 32

”Marietta is my spring of energy. Whenever I feel dissapointed or tired, a phone call is the solution.”

Nicoleta Elisei Kyriakoudes, 41


“Marietta is a lively and bubbly person, who has always loved the outdoors, the morning, the feeling of the feet in the grass, the sound of the rain after a hot afternoon and the smell of fresh bread. Despite this, she has not spent most of her professional career outside baking bread, but in the corporate world, getting ACCA accredited and doing the ‘right’ thing for the purpose of worldwide taxation goodness.

After 12 years behind the desk, Marietta looks like this:

Marietta Similides - WF - 0116

Whenever she went to the Gym she got mistaken with the instructor. When out shopping, people asked her if she was that person on TV running the 100m at the Olympics. She kept smiling and repeating she is an accountant.

This has prompted some of her friends, who have also tasted the food Marietta cooks, to ‘hint’ that she could be in the wrong job.

food collage 3

So, finally, as life happens, Marietta gave in to her calling. She is now an accredited Fitness Trainer and Specialist in Fitness Nutrition.

She is now hoping to share her passion for healthy living and perhaps help other people get to their best bodies, no matter what the schedule.”

Paula T. Curteanu, 32

“Marietta is a dedicated, focused and driven person. She achieves great results and she is ready to share that with everyone!”

Nikki Geddes, 40

In her own words:

Marietta Similides - WF - 0047


Hi there! and thank you for visiting my website!


Everything happens for a reason

I have spent  12 years building up my career in the Financial & Accounting industry, obtained the best professional international qualification in this business, the ACCA accreditation, and have followed this path believing that this is what I want to do. Being very loyal and devoted to my profession and having given a lot of time and energy to my career, it did offer me a good financial support and job satisfactions rewards.

I think it all started to change, when someone very special to me asked me the million dollar question:

“ If you had all the money in the world and you would not be bothered about how much you make for a living, what would you choose to do?”

Well, if you were to ask yourself the same question now, you may probably realise that what you currently do  for a living is totally different from what you would really love to be doing. And I am only saying this because  this is exactly what has happened to me. On the other hand, if you come to see that you are on the right path and you “practise what you preach” then you are one of the lucky ones!

I tried not to let my brain tell me the answer but I looked deeper. The first feeling that came to me was the need to help. My answer was, deep down, already known; I want to help and educate people of all ages and show them that good nutritional choices in combination with an active lifestyle is something that comes natural and will give us the gift of a healthy and beautiful life.


I have started upside down

Many people live their lives in this order because it is the right thing to do: get a university degree/ professional qualification, get a job, get married, have children and finally build up a career. This is the sequence, before someone can feel self achievement and happy having reached their life goals.

I didn’t start in that order and got married right after I have finished high school; I had my son when I was 19 years old, I got divorced at 26, began to study for my professional degrees at 28, while raising my son (alone) and building up my career in the accounting profession in a very demanding professional environment, at the same time. It was not easy, but I can say without a doubt that I am as happy as I can be today and if I would have a chance to do it all over again, I would most probably not change one single thing!


Growing up

Ever since I was small, I was very active. Whenever I see my 80 year old grandfather, he tells me the same stories about myself when I was 3 –  jumping up and down from the bed to the floor and he could not stop me from doing it.  Even when I would hurt myself and start to cry for a bit, I would stand up and do it all over again. He used to call me Nadia, from Nadia Comaneci, in her great glory at the time.

I used to spend most of my summer holidays at my grandparents, hanging from the trees in their garden, eating fresh apples and cherries straight from the source. I was such a tomboy!

Wanted to share this with you – this is a beautiful apple tree situated under the piece of sky where I used to spend the most beautiful childhood summer holidays.


I can still remember the smell and taste in my head. I always loved the nature, the grass, the sky, the sun and could stare at the clouds for hours when I was a child. At school I was part of the basket ball team, handball team, practiced karate, modern and contemporary dancing and many sports related activities.


My calling? If it feels right, yes why not!

Up to this day, I have naturally followed and chosen a healthy lifestyle with balanced nutrition and regular exercise. It was never a struggle for me.

I used to ignore the meaning of some messages that had kept following me along the way. Many people, mostly strangers, would simply compliment me on my physique; people at the gym would ask me if I was the instructor, or a performance athlete. These were not casual compliments, but I didn’t know it at the time. These were my calling messages and I have only recently realized that. It turns out that when you love something and it feels so natural doing it, you should not ignore or take it for granted.

Fitness and nutrition were always my passion and this is how one day I woke up and I have decided to follow what my heart and spirit have been whispering to me my whole life!

I am now a Certified Fitness Trainer, having achieved 90% of the 100%. I can recommend nutrition and exercise plans to anyone interested. ISSA, the highest professional association in the industry,  California USA, have issued my diploma with these comments: “we feel very fortunate to have trainer of your caliper and we feel very confident that many people would benefit from your enthusiasm for fitness and healthy lifestyle.”


Is not to force people on diets and lock them in the gym, but to educate them and to show them that being fit is a natural state, a choice and not a dream!

Stay healthybe happy and be blessed!